Grocery & Box Stores

Grocery stores present a unique challenge when it comes to cleaning as they deal with food, food waste, high levels of traffic, merchandise, and areas that are frequently engaged – such as shopping carts and baskets, doors, foods, and checkout areas.

We know that the success of a grocery store, department store, or superstore is contingent on the customer having a positive shopping experience, and the number one thing that a grocery store will be judged on is the standard of cleanliness. Customers will turn around and leave if their first impression is that the store is disheveled and we want to help you create return customers.

Customers will immediately note if the store smells fresh, if there is food waste laying on the floor, how tidy merchandise is, and how bright and clean the store appears. Our expert staff can be scheduled to come in and ensure your store is sanitized and hygienic. With our expertise in clean and your expertise in merchandise, your store will be a monumental success with customers eager to return.

We understand that it’s a mammoth task to keep a large store clean, certainly so when it receives traffic for most of the day. Deli counters, checkout areas, floors, and entrances present special challenges with one major risk being slips and falls. Our top notch staff will ensure food spills are cleaned up and waste is removed to prevent accidents.

Checkout aisles receive extra attention during cleaning as customers place all sorts of foods down on the conveyors and surrounding areas. The last thing we want is the risk of cross-contamination so we guarantee sanitizing and disinfectant for areas that your food will come into contact with.

Our experienced cleaning staff will shine in areas such as:

  • Signs and fixtures
  • Entrances
  • Lunchrooms
  • Fitting rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Floors – sweeping and mopping
  • Dusting

Oracle Building Maintenance is committed to assisting you in providing a positive shopping experience for your customer to ensure encouraging word-of-mouth reviews and repeat visits. Our top notch staff works hard to help you create the best first impression, starting with a clean store.

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